Effective, Comfortable Emergency Dentistry

While dental emergencies are upsetting, most can be handled simply by you at home until you can get an appointment to see an emergency dentist in Indianapolis. If you need emergency dentistry in the Indianapolis area, contact North Meridian Dental Excellence.

Illustration of jaw radiating pain

Dr. Ben Ahlbrecht suggests you take the following actions until you can receive professional care:


Most toothaches can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers until you can get in to see your dentist. Ibuprofen (800mg every four to six hours) usually works best, for adults who are not allergic to it. Children should take Tylenol. If that doesn’t control your pain, or if you have swelling, call your dentist.

Fractured Tooth

If the tooth isn’t painful, avoid chewing on that side, and call the office. If it has a sharp edge that is irritating your cheeks or tongue, you can get some soft “toothache wax” at the drugstore and cover the sharp area.

Tooth Knocked Out

Call your dentist immediately, since the tooth must be replaced as soon as possible. You can try to put it back into the tooth socket yourself if necessary. Try NOT to touch the root of the tooth, holding it by the crown, and push it into the socket. If your dentist is going to put it back in, put the tooth in saline solution, milk, or the patient’s saliva and take it with you to the office. Remember, after two hours the success of re-implanting a tooth goes down drastically.

Teeth Knocked Out of Position

Again, call your dentist immediately. We will want to see you immediately to determine if the tooth can be repositioned.


The mouth is very vascular, so even minor lacerations can bleed profusely. Apply pressure to the area with a clean cloth. If the bleeding cannot be stopped, please call our office immediately or go to the Emergency Room.

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