State-of-the-Art Technology for Virtually Painless Tooth Extraction

When a tooth becomes too damaged or decayed to repair with restorative treatment, a tooth extraction may be necessary. At North Meridian Dental Excellence, we use the Wand® STA® anesthesia system to minimize discomfort during the procedure, eliminating the need for traditional anesthetic injections. For patients who struggle with dental anxiety, we also offer nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation methods to help make treatment as stress-free as possible. Dr. Ben Ahlbrecht is passionate about providing patients in the Indianapolis, IN, area comfortable and comprehensive dental care.

Pen pointing to dental x-ray of missing tooth
In cases where Dr. Ahlbrecht is unable to save a damaged tooth, extraction can restore your oral health.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

When a badly decayed or damaged tooth cannot be saved with a dental filling, dental crown, or root canal therapy, a tooth extraction may be necessary to help prevent further damage. Left untreated, these cases will not only cause increased pain, but can damage surrounding tissues and result in further tooth loss. Dr. Ahlbrecht may recommend tooth extraction when:

  • A tooth is severely cracked or broken
  • Baby teeth are preventing the eruption of a permanent tooth
  • A tooth is severely decayed or infected
  • A tooth is fully or partially impacted
  • Overcrowded teeth are causing dental misalignment
  • Root canal therapy has failed to eradicate infection
  • A tooth is severely damaged from gum disease

What to Expect During the Procedure

Knowing what to expect before your tooth extraction procedure will help ease any anxiety and allow you the opportunity to ask Dr. Ahlbrecht any questions or concerns you have. Before performing the procedure, Dr. Ahlbrecht will numb the tooth and surrounding tissue with our precise, single-tooth anesthesia system. Compared to older methods, this computer-controlled technique is more effective and also has less of an impact on surrounding tissue.

The type of extraction will depend on the condition of your tooth. For a tooth above the gum line, a simple extraction can be performed. During this procedure, Dr. Ahlbrecht will gently rock the tooth back and forth to expand the area around the base, then lift it from the socket. Immediate pressure will be applied to the area with gauze to minimize bleeding. If necessary, he will close the gap with incisions.

Compared to older methods, the computer-controlled Wand STA injection system is more effective and also has less of an impact on surrounding tissue.

For a tooth that is fully or partially impacted, this will require a more complex procedure. An incision will be made in the gums to gain access to the tooth, then Dr. Ahlbrecht will use the same dental instruments to loosen and remove it from the jaw. In some cases, the tooth may need to be broken into smaller pieces to facilitate the process. Complex extractions typically require sutures and in particularly difficult cases, we may refer you to a specialist for the procedure.

After the Extraction

After the procedure, Dr. Ahlbrecht will provide you with at-home care instructions to promote a quick recovery. For patients that require stronger sedation, you may need to have a loved available to drive you home. It is imperative that you follow instructions carefully, including:

  • No drinking from straws, smoking, or alcohol until your doctor's approval
  • No brushing near the extraction site for 72 hours
  • No strenuous physical activity for 24 hours

You may experience some swelling and soreness for the first 24 to 48 hours. Taking medications as prescribed and applying an ice pack to your jaw will help minimize any discomfort. Resting, drinking plenty of fluids, and eating soft foods for the first few days will also aid in your recovery. Most patients can resume normal activity within three to four days. 

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If you are experiencing any type of dental pain, we recommend visiting the dentist immediately to determine the cause of the issue. Contact our office online or by calling (317) 571-5000. Dr. Ahlbrecht can ensure you achieve a smooth and successful outcome after a tooth extraction. 

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