Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Did you accidentally knock out a tooth? Has an advanced dental disease led to your teeth falling out of their sockets? You may lose one or more teeth for a number of reasons, and it can leave you with complications. Fortunately, your dentist can offer several treatments to help you replace missing teeth and make your smile fuller and healthier once more.

You might feel tempted to delay this dental attention, but you may risk your oral health if you do not discuss your options with your dentist as soon as possible. Check out the following reasons why you should seek tooth replacement solutions from your dentist to restore your smile in the wake of tooth loss.

Why Replace Missing Teeth

Improve Oral Function

Losing a tooth will mean you have gaps in your smile. This can impede your ability to chew, bite, and perform other oral functions. As a result, you may begin to avoid certain foods to prevent discomfort or pain. But these changes in your diet can prove unhealthy.

You should not disrupt your regular routines due to dental problems like tooth loss. Your dentist can find a restorative dental solution that will effectively replace your missing teeth according to your oral health goals.

Dental implants, for instance, feature surgically inserted anchors. They fuse with the jawbone to create ample, reliable, and permanent support for prosthetic teeth. Patients can feel confident that these fixtures will not slip out of place while eating or speaking. Then they can alleviate stress and worry about their oral capabilities.

Preserve Dental Health

If you have one or more missing teeth in your smile, you have a higher risk of forming other dental problems due to this condition. Plaque, oral bacteria, and other residues can more easily access your teeth after tooth loss. Then they can deteriorate your dental structure, weakening the teeth and making them more susceptible to decay and other issues.

When you lose a tooth, your jawbone can also suffer degeneration. Without the root of the teeth, the jaw loses stimulation, and the bone there will weaken as a result. Then your facial shape can alter, and you may see further danger to your smile.

Tooth replacement solutions like dental implants replace missing teeth, including the tooth root, to provide stimulation to the jaw again and prevent bone loss. These treatments also address the risk factor for cavities and other problems, further protecting your oral health.

Restore Smile Aesthetics

Missing teeth can pose a threat to your oral health, but they also disrupt the appearance of your smile. With gaps in your smile, you can start to feel self-conscious about the way your teeth look. This can serve as a blow to your overall confidence which can impact your personal and professional lives.

Boost your self-esteem by replacing missing teeth with natural-looking and beautiful dental prosthetics. The dentist will consider your smile aesthetic goals as well as your long-term oral health to find the best solution for you. Schedule a consultation with your dentist to find personalized tooth replacement.