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A common dental concern that many patients face is missing and lost teeth. The staff at North Meridian Dental Excellence provide missing teeth treatment in Indianapolis, IN to patients who have lost teeth due to injury, genetics, or decay and infection.

When a tooth is missing, the teeth on either side can drift out of alignment. This may lead to misaligned, crooked, and overcrowded teeth. Speech issues, bite problems, or further bone loss may also occur if teeth are not replaced properly or soon enough. 

Replace missing teeth in Indianapolis, IN

Treatment Options for Missing Teeth

Dr. Ben Ahlbrecht and his professional dental team are dedicated to providing advanced dental treatments to their patients. Learn more about the restorative solutions at North Meridian Dental Excellence below:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a versatile restoration that replace one or multiple missing teeth. A dental implant consists of a titanium post that is inserted into the jawbone. After a healing period of 3 to 6 months, the implant is fitted with a dental crown. This solution looks and feels natural and many patients even forget that they have dental implants in the first place.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge ensures remaining teeth are in proper alignment and natural teeth are not bearing too much stress from biting and chewing. One or more teeth are typically replaced with a dental bridge. Patients who still have some jawbone structure left are great candidates for an implant-supported bridge. Those who have less bone tissue may benefit from a replaceable bridge.

Dentures and Partials

Full and partial dentures are used to replace multiple teeth and even whole arches of teeth. They are similar to dental bridges in that they can be secured with dental implants for a more stable and permanent restoration. When a denture is implant-secured, there is no need for messy adhesive or gum irritation.

Missing Teeth FAQs

What happens if missing teeth are not replaced?

If missing teeth are not replaced, they can cause health and jaw function issues. Teeth are more prone to shift out of place when gaps are left untreated.

What are my options if I have missing teeth?

If you are missing teeth, the most common form of replacement is dental implants. Implants are the most durable and longest lasting options. Veneers and bridges are also commonly used to replace missing teeth.

Can missing teeth cause health problems?

Missing teeth can cause health problems greater than teeth shifting. Patients who leave missing teeth untreated are more likely to develop gum disease. They are also more likely to have heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

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