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Dr. Ben Ahlbrecht and his professional team are experienced in treating dental concerns in Indianapolis, IN. Our staff at North Meridian Dental Excellence aims to provide a comfortable environment in which patients can discuss their concerns and dental treatment goals.

Common dental concerns like missing and crooked teeth not only hurt one’s self-confidence but can develop into oral health problems. We collaborate with patients as individuals to find reliable and effective solutions.

If you want to know more about the common dental concerns we can address in our dentist office, schedule an appointment with our dentist in Indianapolis, IN, today.

Fix dental problems in Indianapolis, Indiana

Crooked Teeth Treatment

Straighten crooked teeth with Invisalign, porcelain veneers, tooth bonding, and dental crowns. It may be difficult to clean between crooked or misaligned teeth, so it is important to straighten them to prevent future problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.

Those with a misaligned bite or crooked teeth are at a higher risk for bruxism or teeth grinding, which can wear teeth down. However, cosmetic and restorative solutions allow for a more uniform and healthy look. To learn more about how we treat teeth misalignment, see Crooked teeth.

Gummy Smile Treatment

Do you feel embarrassed because of your gummy smile? Are you looking for a balanced look? Try gum contouring. An excess amount of gum tissue can cause irregular and disproportionate gum lines. Gum contouring is a solution that evens out the teeth and gums with these benefits:

  • An even gum line
  • More proportionate teeth
  • A straighter smile

Furthermore, patients with small teeth or small upper lips can benefit from treatment. Dr. Ahlbrecht will work with you to generate precise areas for treatment. To learn more about how we diagnose and treat excess gum tissue, see Gummy smile.

Missing Teeth Treatment

If you have lost one or multiple teeth, you are prone to symptoms such as tooth decay, shifting teeth, and facial sagging. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ahlbrecht to find the restorative solution that’s right for you.

Dental implants, a dental bridge, and full and partial dentures are some of the options that can help you achieve a fuller and healthier smile. People can lose teeth at any age due to genetics, injury, or infection.

Our staff will help you discover the proper treatment that preserves the tooth structure while simultaneously improving aesthetics.  To learn more about options for replacing missing teeth or damaged ones, see Missing teeth.

Teeth Grinding Treatment

Most people are unaware that they grind their teeth, mostly because it happens during sleep. However, a dull, constant headache or sore jaw when you wake up is a telltale symptom of bruxism or teeth grinding.

Millions of Americans may clench or grind their teeth at night or during stressful situations. This can result in worn down or even broken teeth.

Our team will review your unique problems, budget, goals, and oral health in order to offer the correct oral appliance to keep your teeth from touching. In addition, because it acts like a mouthguard, an oral appliance protects teeth from future wear. To learn more about how we diagnose and treat bruxism, see Teeth grinding.

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