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Dr. Ben Ahlbrecht and his team are experienced in treating patients with routine and complex procedures. They aim to give patients highly personalized care in a relaxing and friendly environment.

North Meridian Dental Excellence staff enjoys getting to know patients as individuals and helping them solve dental problems or achieve aesthetic goals with advanced diagnostics and treatment options.

Contact our dental office if you require a sports mouthguard or need a tooth extracted. Learn about the general dental services we provide to patients:

General Dental Services in Indianapolis, Indiana

General Dental Treatments in Indianapolis, IN

General dentistry is the foundation of long-term smile maintenance. Dr. Ahlbrecht takes a unique and comprehensive approach to your routine dental care, incorporating the Dawson Academy principles of Complete Dentistry.

The condition and function of the teeth, gums, and jaw joints are all part of your oral health, and when they are working in harmony, your bite is comfortable and stable. Our dentist in Indianapolis, IN works with all patients individually to maintain or establish a healthy oral foundation through Complete Dentistry and personalized care.

Emergency Dentistry

Are you feeling severe tooth pain? Has your dental bridge or denture broken? Call our office for emergency dental treatments in Indianapolis, IN at 317.204.7134.

Dr. Ahlbrecht and his team are experienced in treating routine and complex dental problems. If your emergency happens during business hours, call our office to discuss your concerns and schedule an appointment.

We will return your message as soon as possible and do our best to schedule an appointment for you the following day. Common dental emergencies we treat include a knocked-out tooth, tooth pain, and lost dental restorations.

Family Dentistry

Our team is passionate about providing high-quality dental care to patients of all ages. Learn how to care for primary teeth on our family dentistry page. There, we also review your child’s first dental visit and the treatments that fall under geriatric dentistry.

At North Meridian Dental Care, we believe dental care is important in all stages of life. We specifically tailor treatment to every patient.

Laser Dentistry

Dr. Ahlbrecht uses laser dentistry to whiten teeth, as well as provide treatment for gum disease. Dr. Ahlbrecht activates bleaching gel on the teeth with a laser for tooth whitening treatment in his Indianapolis office.

Dental lasers ensure that the gel is penetrating through tooth enamel. Scaling and root planing are gum procedures that provide a deep clean using a laser.


Do you need a custom mouthguard for contact sports? Professionally crafted sports mouthguards minimize the risk of injury, concussions, and trauma. Mouthguards also prevent chipped, damaged, and knocked-out teeth.

Dr. Ahlbrecht takes digital dental impressions for a custom fit. Once completed, the mouthguard should be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria growth.

Sedation Dentistry

Is dental fear or anxiety preventing you from receiving dental care? Sedation dentistry is a simple way to have a pain-free and stress-free visit to the dentist. This type of dental care can be used for all types of patients.

Tooth Extractions

If teeth are severely crooked, overcrowded, and decayed, they may need to be removed by a dentist. A local anesthetic is used during the procedure for the patient’s comfort.

Following extraction, Dr. Ahlbrecht may recommend restorative and cosmetic treatments such as Invisalign, dentures, a dental bridge, and dental implants. These treatments and the tooth extraction procedure improve oral health and may help prevent future gum or tooth infections.

The Importance of Preventative Care

Preventative care is the foundation of your oral health. You must work to ensure your mouth is properly cared for at home and in the office. If you’re brushing and flossing every day but avoiding the dentist office, you may still be at high risk for tooth decay and gum disease. There are areas of the smile that only specialized dental tools can reach, and those areas will never be clean if you’re not visiting our office.

But that’s not the only thing that happens when you have your regular dental appointment. We also do a thorough examination of your mouth. Conditions like oral cancer and gum disease have early warning signs that you can easily brush off at home. They aren’t painful, so realizing something isn’t right is harder. Our staff has the specialized training to know exactly what to look for. We also have diagnostic tools like x-rays to check on things invisible to the naked eye.

Ensuring your mouth is well taken care of prevents the development of more serious dental problems. This means that you’ll be spending less money on dental care and can avoid invasive treatments. Preventative dental appointments allow us to catch dental problems in their earliest stages. The more intensive a problem is, the more money it’s likely to cost.

When you keep your mouth healthy, the rest of your body is healthier. Your mouth is a gateway to many different systems in the body. Poor oral health care means harmful bacteria can access the body. Oral health is connected to some serious conditions, including cardiovascular problems, diabetes, respiratory issues, and problems with pregnancy.

Diet and Oral Health

Your diet plays a big part in how healthy your smile is. During regular dental visits, we can provide education and discuss changes you can make to keep your mouth healthier. Calcium is one of the most essential nutrients for our teeth. It keeps the tooth enamel strong, protecting teeth against tooth decay. Eating foods high in Vitamin D is beneficial, too. This vitamin allows the body to absorb calcium better.

For gum health, Vitamin C is crucial. It keeps your gum tissue strong and helps to prevent gum disease. Gum health is important because they are the structure that helps keep your teeth in place. Vitamin D also reduces inflammation in the gum tissue.

Fibrous fruits and vegetables are good for your health and act like natural toothbrushes for your teeth. They require a lot of chewing to break down, clearing away debris and increasing saliva production. Saliva is super important for your oral health. It washes away bacteria and food particles so they spend less time on or between your teeth. It also neutralizes the acids introduced by those things.

As for foods to avoid, those high in sugar or acid are the main culprits. Bacteria love to feed on sugar, releasing an acidic byproduct. The acid eats holes through the tooth enamel, making it easier for bacteria to get into the tooth and cause decay. Constant snacking and eating throughout the day also exposes teeth continuously to acid. Try to eat balanced meals and avoid picking at food throughout the day.

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