Choose Durability with Dental Implants

Missing teeth in your smile can create a number of complications for your dental health, oral function, and smile aesthetics. To restore your smile’s appearance and capabilities, you should talk to your dentist about tooth replacement solutions.

You can achieve maximum oral health benefits when you replace lost teeth with dental implants. And these fixtures provide the longest-lasting dental restoration that is also the most stable.

Your dentist can discuss your eligibility for implant dentistry with you when you schedule a dental consultation. But you should also read on to discover what makes dental implants the most reliable and durable option for replacing missing teeth.

Choose Durability with Dental Implants

Strong and Stable Foundation for Your Implant

Dental implants are fixed devices, meaning once the dentist places them in your smile, you cannot remove them. The implant remains in the mouth with support from a titanium post anchor surgically inserted into the jaw. As you heal from the placement surgery, the anchor fuses with the bone in the jaw. This establishes a strong foundation that will support the rest of the implant.

The prosthetic teeth of the implant also secure firmly atop the anchor due to a reliable connective piece called an abutment. This way, you can look forward to a tooth replacement solution that can last for a lifetime.

You will not have to worry about the implant accidentally slipping out of place. You can perform oral functions with confidence.

If the implant does feel loose or wobbly, this is abnormal, and you should let your dentist know. This could be a sign of dental implant failure, which will require urgent intervention from your dentist. Keep your dentist informed about any changes in your implant, and attend follow-up appointments as directed by your dentist.

You ensure your dental implant functions as well as possible by keeping the rest of your smile healthy. Practice good oral hygiene to prevent other dental problems like tooth decay or gum disease that can impact the fit of your implants.

Durable and Custom-Made Prosthetic Teeth

Dental implants are also reliable and durable due to the custom-made prosthetic teeth. Dentists use strong ceramic to construct a crown, bridge, or denture on a personalized basis for each patient. This way, you can enjoy a finish that not only looks beautiful and natural in your smile but also fits comfortably and securely.

The sturdy material of the implant will resist staining so that the prosthetic teeth can continue looking their best for as long as possible. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and follow aftercare guidelines from your dentist to properly maintain your implants. You can also eat without worrying that the prosthetic teeth will break under this typical wear and tear.

The dentist will check the fit of the prosthetic teeth before you leave their office to ensure they will not disrupt your oral function. If the implants seem misaligned or ill-fitting, let your dentist know as this could lead to bite problems that may create other oral health concerns.