Know Your Sedation Dentistry Options

A fear of the dentist can severely impact your oral health. If you feel nervous about dental work, you might miss crucial treatment that can put the look and feel of your smile in danger. Your dentist has tools and training on hand to help you fight dental anxiety and feel relaxed in their office.

Sedation dentistry refers to targeted medications that induce feelings of calmness in patients who feel nervous in the dentist’s chair. These treatments pose no threat to your well-being but can prove effective in helping you feel at ease.

The dentist can suggest several types of sedation based on your comfort levels. Read on to learn details about three dental sedation options your dentist can offer you to enhance your experience in their care.

Know Your Sedation Dentistry Options

Single-Tooth Anesthesia System

Many cases of dental anxiety stem from an anticipation of pain. You can rest assured that your dentist prioritizes the comfort of their patients by taking measures to avoid pain during dental work.

You may know about a local anesthetic, an injection that numbs the area directly around a tooth so that you do not feel anything during a dental procedure. Thanks to modern technology called a single-tooth anesthesia system, this treatment is even more enhanced.

The WAND system features a wand-like device connected to a computer that improves the precision of anesthetic injections. It allows for consistency in delivering the medicine. This way, you can feel comfortable during the entire treatment, including sedation. Your dentist can explain the process further when you schedule a dental appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a common type of dental sedation, also known as laughing gas. You breathe in this medicine through a mask over the nose or mouth just before your dental work. It induces a calm, happy feeling in the patient that will last through the visit.

When you breathe normal air again after this treatment, the effects will go away quickly. You can drive yourself home from the dentist’s office without worrying about disorientation. You will also remain conscious with nitrous oxide treatment, so you can speak with your dentist when needed.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation involves taking a prescribed tablet an hour before your dental work. This type of dental sedation will make you feel relaxed to the point that some people may fall asleep in the dentist’s chair.

The length of the effects of this treatment will vary. You should arrange for a ride to and from the dentist’s office because you may feel groggy after your visit. The sensation will be deeper than laughing gas. But you can look forward to relief from dental fear with oral sedation.

Discuss your comfort levels in regard to dental work before your upcoming treatment so that you can go over sedation options with your dentist. Your dentist will consider your needs as well as your history to find the right treatment for you.