Know Your Dental Crown Procedure

Dental crowns are a highly beneficial and versatile fixture that dentists will give to a patient in order to restore the health, structure, function, and appearance of a damaged tooth. The ceramic cap covers the surface of the tooth and seals into place for a durable and secure fit.

Though the advantages of this protection and restoration seem clear, you can feel more confident pursuing this treatment when you know what to expect from this dental procedure. Read on to learn the steps your dentist will take to restore your tooth’s health with a dental crown.

Know Your Dental Crown Procedure

Attend Dental Consultation

Prior to beginning dental crown treatment, you must first attend a consultation with your dentist. They will evaluate the affected tooth to ensure the crown is the best way to restore it. They will also check the rest of your mouth for signs of other damage that may require additional treatment, such as tooth decay.

Prepare the Tooth

If you and your dentist determine that you need a dental crown, the first part of the treatment involves preparing the affected tooth. The dentist must make room for the cap to fit over the tooth. This means removing a minute amount of the tooth’s enamel. They will give you a local anesthetic to numb the area so that you will not feel any discomfort during this process.

Obtain Dental Impressions

Once your tooth is ready, the dentist will take an impression of your smile. They do this by using either a physical mold or digital imaging technology. The dentist uses this impression in order to build a custom crown that will fit your unique smile. They consider the size, shape, and color of the natural teeth in order to make a beautiful and natural-looking fixture.

Receive Temporary Dental Crown

The dentist will give you a pre-made dental crown to fit over your tooth temporarily. This cap will keep your tooth protected while your dentist constructs a permanent crown in the dental lab.

The temporary crown uses a specific glue that makes it secure over a tooth but easy to remove by a dentist. It may take a few weeks for your dentist to finish the permanent crown.

Secure Permanent Dental Crown

When the permanent dental crown is ready, the dentist will ask you to return to their office for the final placement of this fixture. The temporary crown easily pops off of the tooth. And the dentist uses dental cement to secure the permanent crown over the surface of the tooth. The process will not hurt the patient at all.

Your dentist will check your bite before you leave their office to ensure the new fixture will not interrupt your oral function. If the crown feels loose or otherwise ill-fitting, let your dentist know. The crown might break, and the underlying tooth could be at risk if you ignore a damaged crown.

The ceramic material and secure cement hold ensure the crown can stay in place for fifteen years with proper care. Follow your dentist’s aftercare guidelines to maximize the lifespan of this fixture.