Protect Your Health and Brighten Your Smile with Regular Teeth Cleanings

The best way to ensure the health of your smile and protect your teeth is through regular teeth cleanings. Even with a good brushing and flossing routine, some amount of plaque will accumulate on your teeth. Professional teeth cleanings at North Meridian Dental Excellence in Indianapolis, IN, can protect your smile from gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss by removing buildup and identifying concerns early. Dr. Benjamin D. Ahlbrecht and our friendly and hard-working team of hygienists are dedicated to maintaining the health and appearance of your smile.

photo of a dental scraper by teeth
Our team can gently remove plaque and tartar from around your gum line to protect your oral health.

Simple and Gentle

Professional teeth cleanings are an integral part of preventive dentistry. They can ensure the health of your gums, teeth, and jaw, and are typically simple and painless.

First, one of our hygienists will do a physical exam of your mouth to check your teeth and gums for any signs of gingivitis, a condition that causes inflamed gums, sensitivity, and bleeding during flossing. Then they will remove plaque or tartar build up around the gum line and between your teeth.

Once your teeth are free from tartar, the hygienist will use a gritty toothpaste and an electric brush to provide a deeper cleaning and polish your teeth. Afterwards, we will thoroughly floss your teeth and you may also receive a fluoride treatment. When your teeth are clean, Dr. Ahlbrecht will perform a dental exam.

Depending on what the hygienist finds during your cleaning, your treatment might vary slightly. About once a year, you will also need a set of x-rays. 

The Importance of Preventive Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings allow your hygienist to remove harmful bacteria. If left untreated, bacteria can lead to decay and gum disease, or even tooth loss. Experts have found gum disease is linked to heart disease, stroke, and respiratory illness, making professional dental cleanings important to your overall health, as well as oral health. We offer periodontal treatment for patients who have already developed the condition.

Preventive care is often covered by dental insurance plans, meaning there is little to no out-of-pocket payment for cleanings and checkups. Regular teeth cleaning can address problems before they develop further, saving you from more expensive and involved procedures in the future.

At North Meridian Dental Excellence, your oral health is our priority. We work hard to ensure your smile is as clean and beautiful as possible.

Maintaining Your Oral Health at Home

In addition to regular cleanings, it is crucial to maintain consistent at-home care. Flossing and brushing at least twice daily can limit plaque buildup and minimize the amount of time needed for cleanings. If you cannot brush and floss, try rinsing your mouth with water whenever possible, especially after eating or drinking coffee.

Our team at North Meridian Dental Excellence can demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques at your appointment. If you experience any pain, swelling, or bleeding, or notice something unusual about your smile, contact our office right away.

Take Care of Your Smile

At North Meridian Dental Excellence, your oral health is our priority. We work hard to ensure your smile is as clean and beautiful as possible. Call (317) 571-5000 or contact us online to schedule a professional teeth cleaning with one of our excellent hygienists today.

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