How Dental Crowns are Used

Dental crowns are one of the most important tools a dentist has. They’re effective for taking care of many cosmetic and restorative dental problems. But what exactly can dental crowns take care of? Dr. Ben Ahlbrecht of North Meridian Dental Excellence explains how our office uses dental crowns in Indianapolis, IN.indianapolis, in dental crowns

Strengthening Natural Teeth

Traditionally, dental crowns are used to stabilize a tooth after a root canal. During the root canal process, all or most of the dental pulp of the tooth is removed, leaving it hollow. The space is filled with a biocompatible material, but a dental crown is used to ensure that full functionality is restored to the tooth. It also helps seal off the tooth from any further infection.

One of the downsides to getting a dental bridge is the impact it has on the anchor teeth that hold it in place. Wear and tear on these teeth increases immensely and they’re more susceptible to tooth decay. Strengthening them with dental crowns helps to eliminate these things from happening. Any wear and tear that occurs will impact the dental crown and not the natural tooth.

Covering Misshapen or Discolored Teeth

Misshapen teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile. Depending on the tooth deformity and where it’s located, you may also have trouble biting or chewing. Dental crowns are designed to be shaped like your normal teeth, matching the size and shape of others in your smile. You don’t have to be self-conscious about your misshapen tooth anymore, and also get the full functionality of it back.

There are some stains and discolorations that occur on teeth that aren’t manageable with traditional tooth whitening techniques. Dental crowns can cover these teeth and be color-matched to the rest of your smile. If you only have certain teeth that are stained from medication, the crowns can be color-matched to the teeth that were whitened by traditional methods.

Taking Care of Chipped, Cracked, or Damaged Teeth

As we get older, our teeth experience more wear. Small chips are likely to form in some of your teeth just due to aging and the rigors teeth are put through. However, you may also experience a dental emergency where a severe crack or break occurs. This can leave your sensitive dental pulp exposed and compromise the structural integrity of the tooth.

A dental crown goes over the entire tooth and can protect the exposed pulp and nerves. It helps you to get back the structural integrity by filling the space where your tooth broke off. You’ll have full functionality back in your tooth and it’ll blend seamlessly with your smile.

The Final Restoration for Dental Implants

Dental crowns are often used as the final piece to a dental implant. They contribute to implants being the most natural form of tooth replacement. A crown on top of a dental implant is the closest you can get to having your natural tooth back.

Getting Dental Crowns in Indianapolis, IN

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